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  • Jake Barker


Updated: Nov 20, 2019

A figure that looms large in the world of imagination... the Alpha ... the supreme pack leader that reigns superior.

When we created the COTA (Chronicles of The AJAX) universe, it began with the idea of zombies of having an Alpha, a leader of some sort, that would coordinate and channel their forces against the human survivors. But there was another idea that emerged...

What if there was an Alpha of the supernatural variety?

Throughout a multitude of cultures, there exists many tales and lore of the supernatural. Among them, the idea of spirit possession was particularly interesting. The idea that an evil or demonic spirit could inhabit someone and control their every move... but what if there was something that could assume control of much more?

Zombies that can be controlled by a malevolent ancient evil... this ain't your run of the mill zombies.

Check out the free sample of our Zombie Odyssey today!

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