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  • Jake Barker

The Zombie Odyssey You've Been Waiting For

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An unstoppable world event known as “The Fall” has decimated the world as we know it. Canada is among the few devastated places still home to survivors. However, what everyone thinks are just mindless zombies are found to be something much more sinister… sentient… smart… with a hidden agenda.

Noble and resourceful, takes no crap and barrels through, Jake Barker, is a young man who just may be humanity's only hope. Jake finds the courage to question the truth about the zombie’s hierarchy and starts a revolutionary group called The Ajax; with Jake sporting his iconic hammer and backed by his friends, Brent and Britt, siblings who met Jake after The Fall and have stood by his side ever since. Along the way, Jake rallies more and more to his side.

The fight is jeopardized when Jake and the survivors who have helped him are targeted by an ancient and long forgotten enemy. Armed with resourceful tools and tricks, Jake leads The Ajax to uncover the truth and topple the regime of an evil power older than life itself.

The Ajax try their best to save mankind, but can they defeat the zombies and restore what’s left of humanity to its former glory?

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